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Crystals: Starting Your Own Journey of Healing

I think there is an awakening happening and I couldn’t be more thrilled about this upheaval to our collective consciousness. The holistic tools I hold most near and dear to my heart, that I was ironically isolated socially because of, are now making their way into mainstream living. It’s truly a great time to not only be alive, but to better yourself as you explore new realms of healing.

Crystals have been a part of my life longer than essential oils. As a young child I would spend summers with my Grandmother in Mendocino County,  a whimsical, beautiful, lush, coastal town with of pocketed areas full of treasures, wonder, and interesting people. Being in the mountains and stumbling into crystal shops, farmers markets, and gem shows, forever changed me as a person. I would return home to Orange County every fall a little bit weirder. I was the kid that always had stones in tow. I buried them in my backyard, created my own magic spells, hoarded them in boxes, displayed them in my room, and sat for hours examining them. As the years went by and I devoured book after book, I found myself within an enlightened group of healers, helping me embrace my psychic abilities and healing powers. They helped me harness my natural abilities that once scared me terribly, and put them to good use. My late teenage years were all about self discovery and evolution, expanding my mind and inner light through meditation, psychedelics, immersing myself in nature, and diving deep into body work with those decades older than I was. I am so grateful for those experiences, especially the adventure it’s been getting back to who I was before starting my family.

I’ve always been hungry to develop the unique qualities that have a bigger purpose, to not only help myself, but help others. The point of sharing candidly with you all how I  began my journey using crystals, is to illustrate not only that I have been living this lifestyle for a very long time, but to show you how one doesn’t need to be brought into this realm with a specific certification or standard. There is no right or wrong way to begin. Crystals are for everyone. You simply have to have a curiosity to explore and an open heart to receive all that comes with this way of taking care of yourself. Hopefully this information will bring you  more clarity and desire to incorporate these beauties into your life.

WHAT ARE CRYSTALS? To better understand what a crystal is, we have to first explain the world around us. The entire Earth is made up of Rocks and Minerals. How can you tell the difference between a mineral, a rock,  a gemstone, and a crystal? Knowing these terms can help eliminate the fear and intimidation this realm can stir up.

MINERALS are the same single substance, comprised of chemicals. There are over 3,000 different minerals in the world, categorized into 8 Groups.

ROCKS are made of 2 or more minerals.  Examples would be mountains, canyons, and riverbeds.

GEMSTONES are mainly used in jewelry and decoration, usually clear in nature, cut, and polished into a specific shape.

CRYSTALS are minerals that have become a solid by forming in a regular, repeated pattern of molecules connecting together. The chemicals and minerals in each crystal determines the color and shape of how it will grow. With over 3,000 minerals, this is why you see such a variety! Because of this tight woven atomic structure, crystals can take on strange and interesting looking forms, both chaotic and calm. My favorite fact about crystals is that they are also the most organized form of matter in the Universe! Talk about life goals!


This is the question I am asked often and for good reason. Crystals are mysterious, beautiful, and empowering. What turns people off, much like starting any new holistic health program, is the stigma attached to these ways of life. I will tell you that you don’t have to be a shaman, body healer, vegan, certified anything to enjoy and improve your life with crystals. We are all born with the same potential to follow our own inner guides. While I have spent many years on the applications, practices, training, and cultivation of healing with crystals and other modalities, it was sparked by my own desire and intuition to move forth. If there is a voice inside you that yearns for more, be brave and follow it. Don’t be afraid of the community you don’t have yet. Don’t limit yourself from being able to open up your life to this amazing way to soothe and provide peace. Don’t feel like you have to know it all, do it all, and be it all. Just be authentic in your journey and enjoy the ride.


Every person who comes to me for crystal advice, I say the same thing. Crystals are something to be experienced.  The best way you can begin is by wandering into a shop and seeing what calls to you. Your intuition is a powerful guide. It’s constantly at work for our benefit. It’s the reason something kept you somewhere to avoid an accident. It’s the push to say hello to a stranger, triggering a cascade of events leading to that special relationship in your life. We all have an inner guide. Listen and follow that. If you’re brand new to this arena and nervous, bring some grounding oils like Balance or Serenity, inhale them deeply before going into the shop, and tell yourself, “I am open and able to change.” This is the exact reason I don’t reccomend buying online blindly. Many times, online sellers over price their items, alter, or mislabel them. Most importantly you remove yourself from the selection process.

As you explore any shop it’s all about the tactile experiences. Pick up everything. Look closely inside for any hidden messages and meanings to you. I once purchased a crystal with the rainbow inclusion that resembled the letter “T” shortly after my friend Tara died. It was a sign I could not ignore and unknown to me at the time, that specific stone was used for grieving. Our senses are meant to help us in every aspect of our growth. Tap into the resources you already have.


1.) Examine the outside first. Get a full 360 degree view of the piece. Take your time doing this.

2.) Hold it tightly in the palm of your hands, wrapping your fingers or clasping both hands around it. Feel the heat or subtle energy within your hands.

3.) Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and listen to your body. Are you filled with calm? More energy? Flashes of memories? Hope? Sadness? Look for signs you connect with it.

4.) Put the crystal down and see how you feel after. Does you body yearn to hold it again? If so, that’s the piece for you.

5.) Once a piece has chosen you, look up its healing properties online or in a reference book.

When you take the time to allow the crystal to call you, following your inner guide, you’re cultivating something more powerful than you can imagine. You are strengthening the bond between your mind, body, and spirit. That in itself is transformative. Once I have selected the piece I “need” and look it up in one of my reference, every single time, the deeper meanings of why I chose that crystal or mineral is revealed. Perhaps I needed more protection or more stability. When you chose first and research later, you again bestow and acknowledge your own intuitive powers.


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