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Our Signature Aesthetic

We create the highest quality, crystal infused essential oil blends to support your mental and emotional health. Each bottle is handmade, with powerful affirmations on the bottle so you can set your intentions. 

Our Classic Blend Line contains 10 blends specifically crafted to help you shift your emotional and vibrational state towards one of healing and positivity. 

Our Plus Line features 4 powerful blends to support immune function, restful sleep, tension relief, and healthy airways. 

You can purchase our blends during our shop update on the 1st of each month. We have free crystal gifts, exclusive blends outside of our 2 lines, and lots of surprises! 

With over 39,000 sales and 7,000+ 5 star reviews,


Read our Customer Reviews HERE


Loved all of them!


Can't wait to use them all! Everything was gorgeous!



"Kim is just the best!!!

Blend Wizard-ess Great at making suggestions on what blend she makes that will make a difference in your life."


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