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The Power of Breath

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

How many of us go through the day in such a hurry, we sometimes forget to breathe? Every second our bodies are miraculously operating life sustaining functions we  don’t have to consciously control or even think about. From the drum like beating of our hearts, the military-like attacks on foreign invaders, to the expanding and contracting of the lungs, imagine how much more in tune you could be with your own body, if you simply slowed down.

Breathing techniques have been used for thousands and thousands of years, not only for wellness, but real transformative health. Harnessing the power of how we draw oxygen in an out of the lungs has a significant impact on our bodies and the way we cope with chaos. Now more than ever we need to pay mindful attention to how we breathe and the benefits we can receive from simply focusing on this simple autonomic function.

Modern day science is catching up to the role our breath plays that holistic healers, yogis, and cultures all over the world have been practicing for generations. 

Specifically in times of stress, meditation, high emotions, and danger, mindful breathing techniques have been proven to help heal the body. How many times when our words cut like knives could we have avoided that pain if we only took a breath before speaking? How would our lives and relationships be different if we took a breath before we took action?

SIMPLE BENEFITS OF SLOWED BREATHING: Lowered blood pressure Increased oxygen to the brain Reduced stress Reduced anxiety Improved cognitive function Appropriate emotional response Increased relaxation Deeper meditative states Mood stabilization Improved mental clarity

Situations of panic or flight provoke a rapid heart rate, and the body begins to accommodate this by breathing in more shallow, quicker breaths. It’s only when we pause, deeply and fully inhale and exhale, can we find relief. As someone who has battled with feelings of anxiousness and stress for the last 10 years, developing the skill set to simply breathe, has transformed the way I can take care of my physical and emotional health. Whenever I feel uneasy, I reach for my respiratory supporting oils before my calming oils. I try to remember these feelings are fleeting and if I can slow down, bring more intent and oxygen to my body, feeling back in control doesn’t seem so far away.


The hand cupping method of inhaling essential oils is my favorite technique for opening up the respiratory system. Simply pour 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil into the palms of your hands, rub them together to disperse the oil evenly across the palms, cup your hands over your nose and mouth, and inhale slowly. I do this for 5-10 breaths and immediately feel relief.

It’s important to remember you’re as powerful as the tools you carry. Your wellness absolutely can be in your own hands by making simple changes. Slow down, integrate your day as it comes, and use new ways to take care of yourself.

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